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Kirkwood Animal Hospital

Alternative Medicine

In addition to our surgical services, Kirkwood Animal Hospital offers alternative medical and therapeutic options for your pet. Chiropractics and Cold Laser Therapy are offered by Dr. Deb Sell.

Veterinary chiropractic treatments are a foundation for maintaining and achieving optimum health in your pet and are recommended for pets suffering from arthritis, back disorders, and other musculoskeletal ailments and diseases. Adjustments facilitate normal movement in the spinal column, limbs, and pelvis. These treatments are crucial to preventing injuries in healthy pets, and reducing pain and inflammation in injured pets.

Cold laser therapy stimulates blood flow, causing greater oxygenation and nutrition to injured tissue. It also increases drainage of cellular and toxins to accelerate tissue healing.

Cold laser therapy is also highly effective treatment for chronic arthritis pain and helps restore body function. Healing can occur even after metabolic slow-downs due to immobility, traumas, or surgical operations.